Adult Tennis Clinics Las Vegas

At McNamara Tennis, we offer a range of adult tennis clinics in Las Vegas, NV and the greater Las Vegas area. Our clinics cater to the unique challenges, goals, and skill sets of all levels of adult players. Our adult tennis clinics provide instruction intended for beginners who have never even picked up a racket, as well as instruction for novice players still in need of learning the tennis essentials, and for high-ranking players who participate in competitive tournaments.

Our adult tennis clinics focus on a range of vital tennis skills and drills. In our adult tennis lessons, students receive direct teaching. Depending on the clinic, we teach through different methods, including drills designed to enhance control, serves, footwork, stamina, and strategy, and to improve aerobic and cardio fitness. Additionally, we may also provide instruction on specific scenarios, strategic methods, and mental training.

Some adult tennis sessions may involve drills, games, or activities that are physically intensive and designed to address the demands of tennis and to help students enhance their agility, coordination, and their speed.

Additionally, adult tennis clinics will help beginners gain strength and improve their mental and physical endurance, and will help more experienced players discover strategies to maintain and improve their endurance.

Through the use of video, we provide adult tennis instruction on how to see strategic opportunities, how to pick their shots, and how to refine their forehand and backhand strokes. Adult clinics are a great way to participate and share the game of tennis with others, to socialize, and to compete and challenge yourself in a positive, instructional environment with other individuals of a similar skill level and age.

Due to corona virus, we are currently not offering any adult classes. As soon as we get courts back we will update our website.