Photo Albums

Spring Tennis Brawl 2020 Spring Tennis Brawl 2020 Group Photo 206147559 Group Photo 206147560 Evelina 3rd place girls 10s orange Evelina showing off her medals from singles and doubles 206147561 JC 3rd place boys 16s JC's first tournament under coach Jim's wing. 206147562 Toure 1st place Toure getting his first 1st place in the boys 14s challenger 206147563 Alpha 2nd place boys 12s green 2nd place for Alpha in his first tournament. Kid is something special and has an incredible feel for tennis. 206147564 Mamina girls 1st place girls 10s orange The Mamina sisters getting 1st place in doubles 206147565 Hana 2nd place girls 10s orange Hana is really starting to come around and look like one of our students. 2nd place in doubles. 206147566 JC and Joseph 2nd place boys 16s doubles These boys took out the #2 seeds but fell just short of 1st place to the #1 seeds 8-6. 206147567 Matt and Alpha 3rd place boys 12s doubles 1st tournament for Alpha and 1st time these boys played together. They really played well. 206147568